Yamaha FG-441L left-handed acoustic guitar and hard case, $45.

This is a beautiful Yamaha acoustic guitar in a very nice hard shell case, with some extras like a neck strap, tuning instrument and some spare strings. I'd bet the only reason nobody had already snapped up this little jewel is because it's a left handed guitar.

The seller had a paper taped to the outside of the case asking $65. When she saw I was interested, she told me I could have it for $50. I love it when the sellers do my negotiating for me! I asked her if she'd take $40, and we finally settles on $45. And then, after we'd settled on the price, she remembered that she had forgotten some receipts that go with the guitar. She then ran inside and brought out the receipt showing where the guy had paid almost $400 for the guitar back in 1996.

Now, I can't help but wonder if that guitar would still have been there if the seller had dug up that receipt beforehand and and taped it to the guitar along with the $65 price she was asking. You see, there are so many makes and models of guitars out there that nobody - even hardcore guitar addicts - would be able to keep track of all the different prices. What the receipt did for me was confirm the fact that it had cost a pretty penny new, which tells me that it still holds much of that value.

But if the receipt hadn't appeared, I'd have considered this a good buy because even without the guitar in the deal, the case and other pieces would likely recoup me my $45, making whatever I got out of the guitar pure profit.

This Yamaha FG-441L guitar sold on eBay for $185.

Photo of Yamaha FG 441L left hand acoustic guitar and hard case