Lot of 790 used wine bottle corks, free!

If you're wondering what anyone would want with a big box of used wine corks, just think arts and crafts. That's right, arts and crafts people love used wine bottle corks, and the more varied the corks, the more they like them and better they will sell. Some folks use wine corks to make interesting bulletin boards, by cutting the corks in half lengthwise and gluing them to a piece of wood!

I'm sure used wine bottle corks have various other uses in the arts and crafts world, but I know the bulletin board thing is pretty popular. And what about anglers who use cork to make bobbers and floats? One of the keys to making a profit in this business is learning to think about things just a little bit more - and a little differently - than the guy next to you.

According to the lady at the sale who gave me these corks, they came from a restaurant she used to own. Whenever they served a bottle of wine, they'd toss the cork into a bag to be saved... for what, though, she couldn't remember! A really cool thing about these corks is that they're older corks, with some of them bearing dates from the early 1980's. Not really too important, but it may add a neat touch if the buyer will be using them where the writing on them will be visible. This age factor may even add a few dollars to the closing price.

When you run across a pile of corks like these in your travels, and you eventually will, you should be aware of a couple things that the 'corkophiles' out there on the Bay apparently don't like.

Avoid broken corks, for obvious reasons.

Stay away from those fat champagne corks, and any corks with plastic caps on one end.

Don't bother with those cheap, no-character 'synthetic cork' corks that are used nowadays in the cheaper wines.

And there you have it! Another of the countless 'who would've thought' morsels that are out there, just waiting for you to go find them!

These used wine corks sold on eBay for $83.

Photo of used wine corks lot