Vintage Voit Swimaster diving mask, new in box, $5.

When we were little kids, we always ended up with stuff made by Voit. We had Voit basketballs, bowling balls, footballs and every other kind of ball Voit made. We even had some Voit swimming gear. As I recall, though, the reason we had all this stuff was because it wasn't too expensive. Nowadays, an eBay search for Voit will turn up some pretty pricey listings, nearly all of them for diving related stuff. Regulators, tanks, masks and even old diving catalogs sell for lots of money on eBay.

Several things about this mask tell me that someone on eBay will want it. First of all, it's a vintage dive mask, and vintage diving stuff usually does pretty well on eBay. Second, it's new, which is not only a plus, but is a pretty rare find for something so old. Finally, it's in the original box with all the original paperwork, which is really unusual for something so old. Essentially, what we have here is an old Voit mask that was bought back in the 1960s, thrown in the closet and forgotten about for forty or so years. Just the thing a collector of vintage dive equipment will be looking for!

As a buyer for your ravenous collectors out there on eBay, you should know that eBay is alive with collectors of all different types of vintage diving and scuba equipment. From what I've seen so far, among the most collected things are diving regulators, masks, spear guns, knives and watches. Come to think of it, collectors seem to go after lots of things except old fins for some reason.

I could be wrong here, but I have yet to see a pair of vintage diving fins, regardless of condition, sell for any appreciable amount on eBay. Oh, and another thing collectors really go after are old catalogs, repair manuals and magazines related to scuba diving and snorkeling.

This mask sold for $49 on eBay.

Photo of vintage Voit Swimaster scuba and snorkle mask