Vivitar 35ES 35mm rangefinder camera, $3.

You absolutely must be aware of the fact that despite digital photography's obvious benefits, film photography is alive and well, with many film photography fanatics scouring eBay for the cameras to satisfy their photographic needs.

So, what's with the interest in little rangefinder cameras like this Vivitar 35ES? They're small, easy to carry around and take great photos! Let's take a look at the world of digital photography for a second. Despite the fact that SLR digital cameras are becoming more affordable by the day, most people don't bother with them simply because they're so darned big when compared to their 'non-SLR' counterparts. 

The same goes for 35mm film cameras - SLR cameras are big. So, whether we're talking digital or film, people simply don't want to drag a big SLR camera around with them when in most cases, a much smaller camera will often do the job just fine. Just think of these little rangefinders as the 'pocket cameras' for film photography buffs!   

When I saw this camera at the yard sale, I thought of a scene in the movie Jurassic Park, where a guy says to one of the kids who just picked up a pair of binoculars, 'Are those heavy?' 'Yeah, why?' the kid asks. 'That means they're expensive. Put 'em down.' I always think of this when I pick up something that surprises my by its weight. This little camera is in a leather case, is in excellent shape and is surprisingly heavy for its size. I figured someone would be looking for one of these little cameras.

Now, what about checking to see if ti works? Well, in this case I just described the camera's excellent condition and let it go at that.

This Vivitar 35ES rangefinder camera sold on eBay for $78.

Photo of Vivitar 35ES rangefinder 35mm film camera