'Wet' and 'dry' canisters for Vitamix 5000 and 5200 series blenders, $5

Quite the interesting find here - a pair of brand new canisters for the Vitamix 5000 and 5200 series blenders! Although they may look like they're made of plastic, they're actually made from Tritan, an incredibly strong copolyester made by the Eastman company. Tritan is free of bisphenol-A, or "BPA," which makes it especially attractive to Vita-Mix's growing base of health-conscious customers!

One thing I'm constantly going on about here at Auctionbandits is the importance of checking the "new and improved" versions of our most popular and profitable profiles. The Vitamix blender is a perfect example of how important this practice is. If you're familiar with the 3xxx and 4xxx series of Vitamix blenders that have been around forever, you're undoubtedly also familiar with the distinct profile of not only the rounded chrome motor base, but of the square stainless steel blending canisters. These older machines are by far the most common finds out there today. They were made incredibly solidly and designed to last forever, so it should come as no surprise that very few of these oldies are not still in service. But innovation being what it is, it was time for even the Vitamix folks to roll out a new flagship machine. 

Back around 1992, Vitamix introduced their 5000 series blender, and topped it off with this beautiful transparent container. Although it looks like a conventional clear plastic, the canister is made from Eastman's Tritan copolyester, which is incredibly strong and tough. You really have to experience the power of a Vitamix blender to understand how special a plastic anything would have to be in order to withstand the forces it would udergo during use.   
Notice that the Vitamix 5000 and 5200 blenders offer separate canisters for DRY and WET foods, and the dry canister even says so on the canister as well as on the blade. The difference? Well, as far as I can see, not only is the dry blade shaped a bit differently, but its blade leading edges (the parts that whack into the food) are flat, instead of the usual sharpened edges normally found on blender blades. I suppose that the Vitamix folks have determined that this configuration works to pulverize dry foods better than a sharp blade (This may be true, but as one who has owned and used a Vitamix 3600 Plus for years, I can attest to the fact that my one old container will completely obliterate anything I put in it, whether dry or wet or anything in between!). 

There'a an interesting and very important story surrounding these canisters, and why they were sold on eBay without the base unit. When I got to the yard sales where I found these, there they were - sitting right in the driveway all by themselves. When I asked the seller where the base unit was, he told me that he was unable to find it! He was selling off the contents of his mother's house after she had moved to a small apartment, and when he got to putting the items out for sale, the base for her Vitamix blender was nowhere to be found. "Some other guy who was here earlier wanted to buy the machine, but we couldn't find the base for it. And he even came back a little while ago to see if we had found it, but obviously we hadn't." I asked him rhetorically, "So, instead of snapping up these brand new canisters for $5, he just left...?
If that guy knew enough about the Vitamix 5000 blender to recognize the canisters by themselves, he must have known how much those things were worth! The correct auctionbandit procedure would have been to buy the cansiters, give the seller your phone number in the case he finds the base while you're out hitting the other sales (and still come back later to double check anyway, since he still may not call you if he finds the base!). This would not only put good money in your pocket right now (in the form of the canisters), but it would also greatly reduce the likelihood that anyone will buy the base before you come back if the guy does end up finding it. Not many people will want the base without a canister to go with it.
This Vita Mix 5000 / 5200 series blender 'wet' and 'dry' canister pair sold on eBay for $199. 

Photo of wet and dry canister pair for Vitamix 5000 and 5200 blenders