Set of four 'Vintage Reproductions' antique car dash gauges, 50¢.

This is a set of 'Vintage Reproduction' car gauges - Amperes, Gasoline, Speedometer and Oil pressure.

There is a hardcore group of people who enjoy restoring old automobiles to their ultimate in originality. They search the planet for every original piece and part they can find so that their project, so that the finished example will be as close as possible to the day it rolled off the assembly line. Of course, that's not where these gauges fit in.

For every painstakingly-completed original restoration, there exist probably hundreds of 'street rods,' which are hot rods built to resemble those old cars, but are made from contemporary components. Street rods usually sport high performance stuff like fat racing tires, disc brakes, and big V8 engines. Now, if you take a look at the gauges in this picture, you'll notice that they would have no place in a vehicle destined for an all-original restoration, for several reasons. Any old old car buff will know right off that these gauges look nothing like what those old cars came equipped with. But the 'Vintage Reproduction' on the faces should be an immediate tipoff to anyone that they're used for the informal restoration of old cars or in street rods.

Obviously, there's no way to test these gauges before selling them, so they must be sold as-is. But when you consider that they haven't even been installed in a car, and that car dash gauges are pretty sturdy units anyway, there's little chance that they don't work. Since this set would cost around $200 new, it's a cinch that someone will pay much more than 50 cents for them!

These gauges sold on eBay for $64.

Vintage reproduction car dashboard gauges