Lot of 125 Vietnam war photographs, $8.

This lot of old Vietnam War era photographs was a very interesting find. I found these photographs in three old cardboard boxes sitting on the table at the yard sale, and I can't help but think people had been thumbing through them all day long, and yet nobody had bought them. Memorabilia from the Vietnam War is collectable!

These boxes contain over a hundred photographs that a guy took while he was over in the Chu-Lai area of Vietnam, way back around 1966. Some of these photos are posed, but many of them are just candid shots that the guy took whenever he saw an opportunity for a good photo. Now, who would bid on these photos, and why? Let's take a quick look at why these pictures may be of interest to someone.

As you likely already know, there are lots of historians who are very interested in anything and everything to do with the Vietnam war. These people analyze and collect everything they can get hold of from that era. But the Vietnam war is not unique in this respect, because people have been collecting, analyzing and studying stuff from every war for as long as wars have been around, so why is the Vietnam war different?

Vietnam war memorabilia presents a special opportunity for you, because much of it is still out there waiting for you to grab it. These color photos, for example, don't have that "old photograph" look that seems to draw antique buffs out of the woodwork. If these were grainy old black and white photos from the First (1916 - 1918) or Second (1939 - 1945) World Wars, they probably would not have still been there at the sale, because their obvious age would've been enough to guarantee their sale. Recent color photographs just don't grab people's attention as the old stuff.

The second area of concern here is the "interest base" of potential bidders out there on eBay. Obviously, loads of historians all over the world are still very interested in the Second and First World Wars. Candid, impromptu, and unique photographs like these from WWI or WWII can be priceless finds for historians, because they often hold information or answer questions that may not appear anywhere else in the world. Notice that I'm talking about historians here, because I seriously doubt that there are many WWII vets, much less WWI vets, pecking away on eBay for memorabilia and pictures from their war.

But the Vietnam war wasn't really that long ago, which means that some of the people who bid on these photos may have actually been there around the time these pictures were taken. These people are alive and well, and are looking for some mementos from their time overseas during the Vietnam war. Heck, some of the bidders may even be in these very photographs! So, you see, there are a couple of different dimensions when it comes to detecting who will want these photographs.

This this description may seem a little long-winded, but it's simply another glimpse into the world of how you should be thinking if you're to have continued success in this business. These photos sold on eBay for $155

Photo of Vietnam war photographs lot