Tristar DXL vacuum cleaner, $65.

Tristar is another of those vacuum cleaner companies infamous for using the old door-to-door selling technique to whack people out of thousands of dollars for one of their vacuums. The DXL is part of the EX20/CXL/DXL family that saw production between 1946 and 1998. I can't say when the DXL was introduced, but its production ended in 1998.

Check out the receipt in the photo below, and you'll see that the guy who bought this particular machine new back in 2001 paid almost $2,000 for it, and that was after the 'discount' of almost $500! It's no wonder people are on eBay looking for more affordable Tristar vacuums! 

Please be sure to check out the Gallery entry on the TriStar EXL vacuum cleaner, where I go into more detail about how to protect yourself when buying used vacuum cleaners.

Anyway, this DXL model of TriStar vacuum normally sells on eBay for a much more realistic $200 to $250, and since this one is in almost new condition, it should do fairly well.

This Tristar DXL sold on eBay for $285.

Photo of Tri Star DXL vacuum cleaner