Chuck Norris' Total Gym XL exercise machine, $10.

Among the various models of the Total Gym that Chuck Norris is advertising all over the television, the XL model is one of the more desirable of the series. Used examples sell so well because the Total Gym XL costs so much to buy new from the Total Gym folks. Learn to spot the unusually-shaped padded top, and the large oval paint scheme, and you'll be able to spot the XL from across the street!

The example I have listed here would sell for much more than it's actually going to bring, if it didn't have all that nasty rust all over the chrome. Of course, I'd much prefer to have found this unit in beautiful, shiny condition, but the rust may also have been a blessing in disguise. Think about it - if this machine were still in beautiful, shiny, 'like-new' condition, the seller may not have been so eager to let it go for only $10.

The rust really was the puzzling thing about this machine. I could understand rust on the machine if it had been left out in the weather for a period of time, but such exposure would've rendered the whole machine a mess. On this example, everything except the chrome appears to be in perfect condition. As it turns out, the seller told me that he'd had the machine in storage with some pool supplies, and thinks maybe the muriatic acid may have attacked the chrome.

The first step will be to rub down all the chrome with a Brillo pad, doing whatever I can to clean off as much of the rust and staining as possible. This obviously won't make the chrome look like new, but it will make the gym look much better than it does now. Then, I'll just list the gym on eBay, explaining to the bidders that if they can put up with chrome that's less than perfect, they'll get a machine that's almost new otherwise, and all for a price that's sure to be much less than they'd pay otherwise.

If there's any question in your mind as to whether this machine will sell on eBay, just put yourself inside the head of a potential bidder in the market for one of these expensive XL models, but doesn't want to cough up all the cash. Will he let a little rusty chrome stand in the way of his opportunity to own and use one of these great machines?

There's another point to consider here that's very important to your learning process. I know for a fact that I could throw that chrome frame - and even the padded board - in the trash, and just list the accessories for a tidy profit on this deal. This is because whenever you have an expensive machine that takes parts and accessories that can be lost, there will be owners of said machines in search of replacement parts and accessories for the ones they've lost.

Never forget - the better you can fit people's needs, the more cash you stand to make.

This Chuck Norris Total Gym XL sold on ebay for $196

Photo of Chuck Norris Total Gym XL exercise machine