Total Gym 2000 exercise machine, $10.

You may have seen the Total Gym being marketed on television by Chuck Norris, and you can bet that millions of then have been sold. This profile can pay you well, because so many of them out there, that they regularly appear for sale at yard sales. And since people seem to love the Total Gym, prices tend to stay high on the used market!

The model 2000 in the photo is similar to the model 3000, with the only difference being that the 3000 has chrome upper bars, whereas the model 2000 bars are painted black. There is a little difference between selling prices between these two models, but not enough to really matter.

There are two very obvious differences between the original Total Gym model, the 1000, and the newer and pricier 2000 and 3000 models.

First, the 2000 and 3000 models say only total gym on their pads, and sport big, removable footrests that some sellers forget to give you when you buy one of these at a yard sale.

Second, the 1000 pad is much narrower than the 2000 and 3000 models, and actually has 'Total Gym 1000' printed right on it.

I only mention these little differences because the various models tend to differ in value somewhat on eBay. And never forget - when you see one of these machines at a yard sale, no matter the model, always try to ensure that all the pieces, parts and paperwork the machine came with new are all there with the machine! Ask the seller just to make sure! And don't forget to get the removable foot rest if that model has one!

I'm often asked what the easiest way to pack these machines is. Although it looks like a pain to ship, it's actually quite easy. I just get a large furniture box from my local furniture store, large enough to flatten out and roll the machine up in it so that it has several layers of cardboard protecting it on all sides. That's it! If you like, you can send the smaller pieces in a separate box, but I've always just sent everything together and have never had a problem. Keep in mind that machines like these Total Gyms don't really need interior padding to protect them from breakage as much as they need exterior padding to protect the edges from dings and dents.  

This Total Gym 2000 sold on eBay for $188.

Photo of Chuck Norris' Total Gym 2000 exercise machine