Thule 'Rak-n-Loc' bicycle rack, $25.

Along with the Yakima brand of bike rack I discuss in another entry, Thule is a name in bike racks you must keep an eye out for. You should learn all you can about these two companies' products because they represent the most expensive and sought-after bicycle racks you're going to see.

I found this rack at a yard sale on Sunday afternoon as I was simply driving around enjoying the day. As I was inspecting the rack, the lady kept piping up that she'd paid $250 for it. As a matter of fact, I bet she actually paid more than that for this setup, because it's got a couple of extras that she likely had to buy separately. There's the extension for holding 2 more bikes, as well as the lock for that extension, and there's the adapter that allows this mount to fit both of the most popular hitch sizes found on vehicles, the 1 1/4" Class 1 hitch or the 2" Class 3 hitch.

This rack has a pin you pull out that allows it to swing out so that the trunk lid or rear hatch of the vehicle can be opened without removing the entire hitch from the vehicle. And the little gas strut helps offset the weight as the rack is lowered and raised. Another plus about this setup is that all this stuff is in great shape, as well!

I've said it in other entries, and I'll say it again here - whenever you see a lock, always make sure the keys are present. This advice obviously doesn't just go for bicycle racks, but for anything else that takes a key. 

This Thule Rak n Loc bike rack sold on eBay for $125.

Photo of Thule Rak-n-Loc car hitch bicycle carrier