Thermotex 'Personal Therapy Systems' far-infrared heating pad, $5.

The single most important reason you should pay attention to this entry is because it concerns the most expensive heating pad you're likely to run across - the Thermotex 'Personal Therapy Systems' far-infrared heating pad!

One area I regularly get into here at Auctionbandits is the unassuming, everyday items that someone has found a way to make better than the other guys, and can therefore charge many times what other companies charge for their run-of-the-mill products. The more of these deviants you know about, the more money you make, because they're the big money that's left on the yard sale tables for you to come get at the end of the day!

These items, which I call deviants, are the mundane, everyday products, which we all take for granted as being inexpensive and 'throwaway,' that have been brought up to an unprecedented level of quality and performance. As you can imagine, these deviants tend to cost several times what their more pedestrian counterparts. A couple other examples of deviants you're likely to encounter (and which you may want to research a bit) are the Needak rebounder and the Dualit toaster.

Now, as you can imagine, none of these hyper-expensive deviant critters would be worth your interest if your eBay bidders weren't ready to pay you for them. Should it matter to you how much a company charges for its product if there's no buyer interest on eBay? Of course not!

When I found this Thermotex 'Personal Therapy Systems' heating pad at the yard sale, I thought it looked interesting because of all the fancy paperwork it came with. According to the literature, this pad uses a special 'far infrared' type of wavelength to do its heating. As opposed to regular heat, far-infrared is supposed to penetrate deeper and faster than regular heating pads. Since far-infrared heat appears on the electromagnetic spectrum right next to microwaves, I get the willies when I think of how it's supposed to work!

Back in grade school, we had to memorize the old 'ROY G BIV' to learn the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum: red at the lower end, up through orange, yelloy, green, blue, indigo, and finally violet as the shortest wavelength of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. As you can see, visible light actually comprises a very small portion of this whole spectrum. As you move to shorter wavelengths, you get into into the realm of ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma rays and other really dangerous stuff. And down at the lower end (longer wavelength) of this spectrum, we find the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, nestled right between visible red light and microwaves. At the lowest end of the spectrum are the radio waves.

Obviously, you don't have to know or remember any of this spectrum stuff to be able to do this job. I'll admit that if none of the paperwork were with this pad, I may not have bought it. But when I read that last sentence in the letter that reads, 'We will give you the same $75 discount...,' I knew something was up. This business is really just about being able to sniff out the money, and that blurb was enough for me. So, what the heck - since 'far-infrared technology' is what makes this pad so sought-after by lots of eBayers, it certainly can't hurt to at least go over the basics with you.

This Thermotex far-infrared personal therapy systems heating pad sold on eBay for $128.

Photo of Thermotex Thermo Tex 'Personal Therapy Systems' far infrared heating pad