1981 vintage Tamiya 1/16th scale German King Tiger model tank, $10.

As you search the world out there for stuff that your buyers will go nuts over, you must never forget the vintage model collectors. And one part of this world of vintage models is the world of radio control models. If you've been following my exploits so far, you may know that I've encountered this vintage radio control (or "rc" as it's known) stuff in the past, and have always snapped it up.

Back in 1981, Tamiya offered this tank as a model kit. Since the model builder got to assemble the tank and install the radio, motors and other machinery, he had fun from the moment he opened the box. As you can see by the relatively detailed pics, this machine is so full of old electronics and mechanical parts that it weighs a whopping 9 pounds! This is exactly the kind of unusual machinery-rich stuff that the folks out there who collect - and use - these old models really go for.

Now, you must understand that although everyone out there at yard sales nowadays is so used to seeing all the cheapo imported Chinese radio control stuff, that it's not funny. Kid can buy them for a few dollars and mom will sell them at yard sales dor a quarter. So many eBay sellers are completely unaware of the long-ago days when these models were really something spectacular - back when just the electronic components in a model like this cost several hundred dollars.

Another interestingly point about this model is that it uses the old Nickel Cadmuim, or "NiCad" batteries, which have long since gone worthless. What's of interest here is that it doesn't even matter that we fact we can't test this model, because the guy who buys this tank will have no greater joy than spending the time and having fun getting it into better-than-new condition!

This tank sold on eBay for $179.

Photo of vintage old school Tamiya King Tiger radio control model tank