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Sunbeam Stewart (Oster) EW311A 'Shearmaster' livestock shears

The coat maintenance of large animals requires very costly equipment. But unless you're in the business of shaving large animals, you've probably never seen any of it. So the question is, do you walk right past the money... or do you learn a little about this lucrative area of opportunity?

If you've already been through the rest of the Gallery, you're already aware of the great opportunity waiting for you in the form of Oster pet clippers, like the Oster A5 and the older Oster A2. If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with these Oster models of pet clippers, I strongly suggest that you waste no time in doing so.

I mention Oster here because although the shears in this entry say Sunbeam Stewart Shearmaster on the label, newer models will state 'Oster Shearmaster.' I believe that Sunbeam owns the Oster brand, and production of these clippers was recently handed over to the Oster side of the company. Regardless, what's important is that you know the look - the profile - of these clippers, which is why I always include photos in my Gallery entries.

There's no rocket science here, just common sense. You'll notice that as opposed to the normal-sized animal shears we run across on a regular basis, these clippers are absolute monsters. I guess they have to be, considering how much area they have to cover. And judging from how well these shears sell on eBay, they apparently do their job quite well.

These are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the $20 Chinese specials you find at your local Walmart. If the name 'Shearmaster' isn't enough of a clue that these clippers are intended for much more than casual consumer use, their size should do the trick. Industrial-grade animal shears like these are designed to clip large animals, every day, all day long.

The lesson to be learned here is that you should always pay attention when you see anything that looks heavy duty or industrial, because it's very often worth more than its smaller and less capable relative. As it turns out, these clippers cost around $300 to buy new!

Photo of Sunbeam Stewart livestock shears     


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