Summit residential stair lift chair, $100.

The guy who was selling this Summit residential stair lift chair at the garage sale had installed it in his mother's house, but it turned out that she didn't like it and never used it. She had recently passed away and he had no use for it anymore. So he removed it from her residence and stacked it in the corner of his garage, with the railings piled on top of the chair, where it sat.

At the yard sale, this stair lift chair was still in a heap over in the corner; the only thing the seller had done to prepare it for the yard sale was to tape a piece of paper to it that read 'stair lift chair $100.' One of the challenges you encounter in this business is trying to figure out if an item is worth pursuing when it's in an unassembled and unidentifiable heap on the garage floor.

If you're not already aware of what the Summit residential stair lift chair is used for, it's designed for helping elderly and invalid folks get up and down stairs inside their house. It may seem unusual that someone would go to the trouble to put one of these chairs in their house, but if you love your house, yet are unable to make it up and down the stairs anymore, it's the perfect solution.

A residential stair lift consists of primarily of a railing secured to the floor and stairs, and a powered chair that rides up and down the railing. The whole thing is powered by a motor that's located in the lower part of the chair. When you consider the delicate job that a stair lift chair is responsible for performing, it's easy to see how they must be made with high quality components and workmanship. As you can imagine, stair lift chairs are very sought-after on eBay.

Now for the money issue. Since this chair is only a few years old has hardly been used at all, it's a perfect candidate for someone looking for a great used chair. And as with most other things that cost a fortune to buy new, I know that many people who are thinking of making the purchase will be checking eBay for a better deal before coughing up all that money for a new stair lift chair. Finally, I know that the relatively low production volume of these stairlift chairs will likely keep prices high on the used market.

And what about shipping? Well, I decided to do a 'local pickup only' on this one. Not only did I dread the prospect of packing this mess up for shipping, but I was also fairly certain that there would be enough local interest in this chair so that I wouldn't have to send it anywhere.

This Summit invalid stair lift chair sold for an offer of $600.

Photo of Summit invalid stair lift chair