Stowmaster car bumper tow bar, $40.

When you think of a tow bar used to pull a car, you may not necessarily think of something very expensive. After all, pretty much any heavy piece of steel can be welded into a triangle strong enough to dependably pull a car. But...

What if you wanted something that was not only strong enough to dependably pull a car, but also adjustable so it could handle different car models, and could even collapse to a small enough size to fit into a zippered bag for storage, and was made with lots of stainless steel so it won't get all rusty? Oh yes, it also must collapse small enough so that it can fit right onto the front bumper of the towed vehicle. As you can imagine, this is when things start to get costly.

The Stowmaster hitch alone costs around $400 new. The extras in this lot will set the buyer back another $200, and just the carrying bag costs $40! So, the buyer of this set got a great deal. But people don't mind paying a decent price for good, dependable hardware. I guess there's a lot to be said for the peace of mind you get from knowing that the car you're towing will still be back there at the end of the day!

By the way, another brand of collapsible tow bar that you're likely to encounter is Blue Ox, which looks similar to the Stowmaster is is also quite expensive.

This Stowmaster hitch sold on eBay for $305.

Photo of Stowmaster car bumper tow hitch bar