Stokke Variable Balans kneeling chair, $5.

Stokke. You must learn what this company's products look like, because everything they make is expensive, much of it looks really unusual, and you are going to see it! I can't think of a single more important name in furniture than Stokke, or a more important Stokke piece than the Balans kneeling chair.

To clarify things a bit, Stokke is the name of the company, Balans is their line of 'kneeling' chairs, and Variable is the particular model in the Balans line.

A little confusing, I know, but this model of kneeling chair is the one piece of Stokke furniture that you're most likely to encounter, so let's make sure it's easy for you to spot. The Stokke company, located in Norway, makes lots of different styles of unusual-looking, ergometric furniture. All of the stuff Stokke makes is expensive, even though it doesn't necessarily look like it.

These little Variable chairs present a real 'sleeper' of a deal for you for the simple reason that most people tend to ignore them when they see them for sale, mentally associating them with the cheapo WalMart copycat knockoffs of this chair that are much more common.

The real Variable Balans chairs costs a bundle to buy new, and sells for a bundle on eBay, which makes them well worth keeping an eye out for!

One good way to identify a real Stokke Variable chair is by the plate on the bottom of the seat, as in our picture. They come new with a Stokke tag sewn into the top edge of the seat cushion that many people cut off, as did this chair's previous owner.

Another way to tell a real Stokke chair - even from across the room - is the curved plywood piece running across the lower front part of the chair. Most 'knockoffs' will have a flat plywood piece on the front and on the bottom, instead of this single curved piece.

Another difference between the Stokke - and the cheaper chairs - is that the Stokke actually 'rocks,' just like a rocking chair, because it's curved on the bottom, not flat.

The best thing about these little chairs for you, the seller, is that they break down into a compact, flat package for shipping!

This Stokke Variable Balans kneeling chair sold on eBay for $185.

Photo of Peter Opsvik designed Stokke Balans Variable kneeling chair