Sp-Teri ice skates, $5.

The humble ice skate can offer you some interesting profit opportunities, if you take a few minutes to learn just a little about it. A quick tour of some of the companies that make and sell ice skates would reveal the fact that some makes and models can cost a bundle!

Several years ago, a friend paid ten bucks for a pair of ladies' figure skates at an auction, which he then sold on eBay for $150. My research showed me that so many variables can influence the price of a pair of ice skates that it's darned near impossible to keep track of things. And things can be especially confusing when you're like me, and know almost nothing about ice skates. Even ice skape blades come in a baffling array ot grades and prices. So what the heck are you to do? I suppose this calls for the Auctionbandits 'sweet spot' strategy.

Whenever I encounter a pair of ice skates, I first look for the unusually heavy duty construction that would most likely indicate a particular pair of skates cost lots of money to make. I look for features like heavy leather soles, really thick leather uppers and real foam rubber padding. Features like these cost real money to manufacture, and usually indicate an expensive skate.

I then make sure that the skates are in overall good condition. As with lots of sporting goods, ice skates are subject to substantial wear and tear if not cared for.

Finally, I don't pay more than a few dollars. And when you consider how completely useless a pair of unused ice skates, especially if the owner has moved to a warmer part of the country where few people ice skate (and don't forget that in many cases, the skates don't even fit their owner any longer,) it's not hard to see how they appear for sale at bargain basement prices at yard sales across the country.

One last note about ice skates is that they don't seem to suffer from the same 'pre-planned obsolescence' that plagues the snow skiing industry. Snow skiing equipment, is leterally impossible to keep track of, because new technology and styles get introduced every season, which renders the 'older' stuff less valuable.

But with ice skates, it seems that quality in materials and construction can actually still determine what they'll be worth to your interested eBay buyers. And you can bet that learning to spot quality and expensive construction is much easier than fighting the ongoing battle of keeping track of every new style!

This pair of Sp Teri ice skates sold on eBay for $69.

Photo of ladies Sp Teri ice skates