Soloflex 'Rockit' leg exercise machine, $20.

Soloflex is a name you should keep in mind because their stuff has been around for a while and still has a very powerful core of followers. The Rockit is intended to work the legs, and uses thick rubber resistance bands instead of actual weights.

An important thing to note here is that as the machine sat out in the yard, it was missing the big metal crossbar that bolts to the end, which holds the machine upright. But when I asked the seller about this missing piece, he remembered that he had it in the garage. I also asked him about any other parts or videos he may have forgotten about, but it turns out thast the bar was all he could find.

Whenever you're considering the purchase of a piece of exercise equipment, always make sure to make sure the machine is complete, and always ask the seller if he or she has any other manuals or videos that go with the machine.

This Rockit looks like it has spent some of its life in a wet environment, because the paint on the bottom was rusted off, and the paint on other parts of the machine was starting to bubble up. What's important to note here is that despite the cosmetics, the machine is in perfect working condition. I was betting that someone out there would be happy to forego the aesthetics for a savings of several hundred dollars.

I had already that I wasn't going to get involved with the packing or shipping of this machine. Sometimes, the convenience of doing a 'local pick up only' auction far outweighs any extra money you may get if you offer to ship the item!

We listed this Soloflex Rockit the very Saturday I got it from the yard sale, for a Buy It Now price of $299, along with a full disclosure of the paint and bottom rust problems. It sold within two days!

Photo of Soloflex Rockit exercise machine