Skier's Edge ski training machine and Fitness Edge bar, free!

On the way home one Saturday afternoon, we drove past an apartment house and spotted this Skier's Edge sitting out by the road with the trash, apparently having been left in the apartment by a previous tenant. A Skier's Edge ski training machine, complete with the optional Fitness Edge training bar... in the trash?

The Skier's Edge machine is a specialty machine used by skiers to improve their skiing abilities, as well as to stay in peak skiing shape in the off season. This is not a cheapo piece of equipment that Walmart rolls out their doors by the millions of units. It's a high quality, low volume, specialized machine that's geared toward a small segment of the sporting population. Which is, naturally, why you wouldn't find it in your local Walmart!

Memorize the Skier's Edge profile and it will jump right out at you whenever you see it. There will nearly always be built in profit, because no seller in his right mind could justify asking anything near the $400 to $600 these machines sell for used on eBay.

The Fitness Edge training bar alone sold on eBay for $128 and the Skier's Edge machine sold for $492.

Photo of Skier's Edge ski training machine and Fitness Edge bar