Lot of shooting, hunting and reloading supplies, $20.

I almost missed out on this deal! I was walking around the garage sale and saw a big case of .22 ammunition on the floor right in front of me. As I stood there staring at the ammo, the lady told me that it was already sold. Darn! When I asked her how much she sold it for, she told me that she sold the ammo and some other items for $15. Thankfully, he had failed to take the final step that would have ensured him a much larger score than what he actually ended up with.

Whenever I see a yard sale seller unloading quantities of expensive specialty items, for pennies on the dollar, I know that opportunity may be in the offing. And I was right. It turns out that her husband had left her, and she was liquidating his stuff as fast as possible, with very little sentimental attachment to any of it. She was following a pattern I've already seen many times - taking revenge on her ex by unloading his expensive stuff for almost nothing.    

So, where did the guy who beat me to the sale screw up? Before he even appeared to start collecting the stuff he had bought, I did what I always do in these situations - I asked her if she had any more similar stuff to sell. "Well, I've got lots more of that shooting stuff that I haven't even had the chance to bring out yet." She then led me inside the house and showed me two boxes and a duffel bag, full of shooting supplies, that she had stashed in a stairwell. One box was full of gun cleaning supplies, the other was full of ammunition, and the duffle bag was full of expensive shooting clothing and accessories.

The problem with gun cleaning kits and supplies is that they just don't cost much to buy new, which means little profit potential. I planned to just give the cleaning stuff to a friend who does a lot of shooting.

The ammunition box is a little different. Regardless of what else was in that box, I could already see seven boxes of .45 cartridges right there, and at about $12 per box, that's more than my $20 back right there. But like the cleaning stuff, I'll be giving all this ammo to a friend who shoots a great deal. But what if I wanted to sell it, instead? Since eBay prohibits the listing of ammunition, I'd obviously have to find someplace else to auction it.

The solution to this problem is a fine internet auction site called gunbroker.com where you can auction anything and everything having to do with rifles, pistols, gunpowder, and anything else related to firearms. Remember that no matter what you have to sell, as long as there's a demand for it, somebody has set up a place on the 'net where you can sell it! Gunbroker.com is such a great site - and  performs such an important function - that you'll find me mentioning it many times here at Auctionbandits!

Now... what about that duffel bag full of shooting wear? This is actually why I bought all this stuff. The owner was apparently an avid skeet shooting enthusiast, and the bag was full of all the specialty stuff he wore while shooting. And by the fact that it all appeared to have been made here in the U.S.A. by small specialty companies that I'd never heard of, this guy was apparently into the more expensive, quality stuff. There were two leather shooting vests, a long-sleeve shooting jacket, several bags specifically made for holding those little clay pigeons that sheet shooters fling into the air to shoot at, and a pair of 'Hy-Wyd' shooting glasses. Thankfully, it's all in beautiful and well cared for shape. Another great thing about items like these is that they're prefectly acceptable on eBay.

I knew that this lady wanted rid of the stuff, and by the prices she let that last batch of stuff go for to that other guy, I knew she just wanted the stuff out of there. So, I offered - and she accepted- the round sum of $20, which I'll recoup easily on any one piece from that duffel bag.

Do you see how I could have screwed up and missed out on this deal, as the guy before me did? I could have just left when the lady told me the stuff I saw on the floor was already sold. But I knew from previous such experiences that I had to ask if she had any other similar items to sell!

So far, the Hy-Wyd glasses from this lot sold for $82 on eBay, and the 'Working Dog' leather shotshell pouch sold for $73. Not a bad start!

Photo of hunting and shooting supplies lot