Sheridan / Pursuit P.M.I. paintball marker gun, $10.

If you were to put me in a room with a dozen paintball guns lined up on a table, I'd be hard pressed to even arrange them in order of price. The sport of paintball has become so popular that it would take a paintball gun expert to keep track of all the makes and models you're likely to encounter nowadays. For the rest of us, the effort simply isn't worth it. For every expensive paintball gun you see, there are literally dozens of cheapo Chinese pieces of trash out there waiting for us to trip up and pay too much for them.

None of this really bothers me, because there's a huge world of opportunity apart from paintball guns. But... if there's one thing I have trained my eye to do, it's to pick out something that doesn't look like it belongs. And this old shooter would certainly stand out in a lineup of contemporary models. It looks more like - and actually is - a throwback from another era, or 'phase' of what is now a wildly-popular sport. This Sheridan PMI Pursuit marker gun fits squarely into a category that's commonly referred to as 'old school, also called 'old skool'.

Nowadays, any company that wanted to start making paintball guns would already be familiar with the best way to build one; how it should look and how it should work. That's because the sport has matured to the point where we know which materials, designs and configurations work best. In other words, a standard has been laid out that most companies follow. But back in the early 1990s, when this gun was being manufactured, the sport of paintballing was so new that all these factors were still guesswork. Who knew back then what a paintball gun should look like? 

It's interesting to note here that the Sheridan company, one of the earliest manufacturers of paintball marker guns, had been making air-powered pellet rifles and pistols for many years before paintballing was even a thought. Since Sheridan was already in the business of making guns that fired projectiles with air, they were probably better poised to get into the paintballing scene than most companies.

Also very interesting is that many of those early Sheridan paintball guns command very high prices nowadays on eBay. A little research of eBay's closed auctions will show that many of Sheridan's early paintball guns look very similar to the company's 'Streak' pellet rifle line of the day, right down to the funky wooden stocks. It feels weird referring to fifteen or twenty years ago as the 'early' days of anything, but that's just what these relics are in the sport of paintballing.

So, there you have it. Just a few ideas we like to keep in mind when we spot something we think may fit the category of the desirable Old School item. You'd be wise to do a little more research on eBay's closed auctions about this Old School phenomenon because it's out there, and it's waiting for you to come and get it. Familiarizing yourself with things Old School can open up many doors of profit to you as an eBay seller!

This Sheridan PMI Pursuit paintball gun sold on eBay for $86.

Photo of Sherican PMI Pursuit II paintball marker gun