Shawn Stussy 10-inch jacket patch logo, $1.

It should come as no surprise that certain brands of designer clothing, like Quicksilver, Oakley, Carhartt, Hurley, Billabong and of course Stussy, are incredibly huge with millions of eBay bidders, and can bring you some very powerful profits! Taking time to familiarize yourself with as many of these brands as possible will help you recognize profit when you see it!

Stussy, or Stüssy as it's also written, is an American brand of streetwear that was started back around 1980 by a guy named Shawn Stussy, out in Laguna, California. Stussy started out selling T-shirts with his signature on them, as well as his own styles of surfboards. Although Stussy started out as a surf brand inspired by skaters, reggae musicians and hip hop, it's grown from a surf brand into a general 'streetwear' brand, which has helped Stussy to become an international label. Stussy now makes everything from shirts, pants, caps, shorts, jackets, bags, shoes and more.

Okay, big deal.

There are lots of companies that fit this same general mold, aren't there? But the reason this patch appears here is because, for some reason, Stussy stuff goes like crazy on eBay, especially the older stuff from the 1980s. And since Stussy has been around for so long, it's not unusual for the stuff to show up at yard sales and flea markets.

The old Stussy jacket that mom bought for little Billy back in 1985, which she is unloading at her yard sale today, may now be worth several hundred dollars. Although some Stussy items are easy to read, the name is often written in Stussy's signature, which is all but illegible. But by all means, learn to recognize that signature, because like so many other things in this weird business, once you know it, it'll jump right out at you when you see it.

This patch had originally been on the back of a heavy Stussy jacket, which had become tattered that its owner had simply cut the patch off and trashed the jacket. That's too bad, because even in rough shape, that jacket would probably be of interest to lots of Shawn Stussy fanatics.

This Shawn Stussy jacket patch sold on eBay for $41.

Photo of Shawn Stussy jacket patch