1980's vintage Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 personal organizer, $5.

The PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, has been with us for more than twenty years now. The PDA term was originally coined by the President of Apple Computer back in 1992 to describe their new Newton. Early PDAs were rather basic critters. As a matter of fact, our OZ-7000 here boasts of "Seven major functions in one: Calendar, Schedule, Phone/Address Book, Memo Pad, Clock, World Clock and Calendar." And it sported a whopping 32kb (that's 32 kilobytes, now, which is roughly 3% of a megabyte) of memory. Compared to our modern PDAs, which can do stuff like synch with your PC, access the 'net, send emails, play music, make phone calls, record video and serve as GPS units, our old OZ-7000 is a veritable dinosaur, even with its fancy expansion modules!

As you should know, the field of collecting vintage electronics has no bounds and even less reason. Everyone knows that collecting vintage transistor radios is a popular hobby for thousands of people. But many people don't know that there are many thousands of collectors out there who are after the weirdest computer-related stuff you can imagine. The hardest thing about figuring out collecting is that it's an emotional pursuit, which means that it's really hard to figure out on an intellectual basis. You'll find collectors going after the most unusual things, while completely abandoning the stuff that we think they'd be after. I've learned that you have to pretty much tackle it on a case-by-case basis, and learn it as you go.

I believe that the Sharp Wizard has its own dedicated core of collectors because it's been around since 1988, has gone through many different models and variations, and importantly, because it represents a discrete, well-defined are of a particular sector, which collectors seem to love. The OZ-7000 holds an important place in the Sharp Wizard lineup because it was the very first model in the line, and when it comes to collecting, the first is almost always of particular interest to collectors.

But notice something else here - this Wizard has the time capsule factor going for it as well. Not only is this unit new and unused, but it actually comes with everything that the box came with when new, right down to the original batteries (which were dated to expire in 1991.) It's a veritable OZ-7000 time capsule! The only thing that could sweeten this deal more would be some of those "expansion modules" that expanded the OZ-7000's capabilities, and maybe the original purchase slip.

A very important thing to pass on to you here is that most people have no idea that so many of the collectable items floating around out there at yard sales and estate sales - which aren't necessarily anything special on their own - become extra special goodies when found still in their original "time capsules." Be sure to always keep this factor in mind! This OZ-7000 sold on eBay for $67.

Photo of Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 personal information assistant PDA