Sev Marchal driving lights, $5.

You'll occasionally see Sev Marchal driving lights out there, primarily because Ford used them on the Mustang SVO and GT models and the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe back in the mid 1980's (1983 to 1986 I believe.)

Since these Sev Marchal lights are out there, and your eBay buyers will want to buy the ones you find, you should know what they look like when you do see them. Sev Marchal lights are easy to distinguish by the cat head on the front of the lens. Ideally, this set would come with the white plastic covers sporting a black cat head, a checkered flag and SEV MARCHAL on the front, but the covers for this set were nowhere around.

So, as you can see, this isn't the best example of these driving lights you'll see out there, but I wanted to list them here for recognition purposes. Lots of Ford fanatics out there on eBay are heavily into the 1980's Fords, and are looking for this type of Sev Marchal light to replace the broken/stolen/missing ones on their own cars.

These Sev Marchal fog lights sold on eBay for $38.

Photo of Sev Marchal fog driving lights