1980 Seiko 'Melodic Alarm' electronic travel clock, $2.

If you weren't already aware of the fact that eBay is loaded with really passionate collectors of clocks and watches from the 1970s and 1980's, consider yourself informed. Even the travel alarm clocks from the 1970s and 1980s are collectable nowadays!

This vintage 1980 travel alarm clock would be of some interest all by itself, but like all things collectable, its desirability is greatly enhanced by the presence of the original box, instruction sheet and warranty book.

Never forget that when it comes to vintage collectibles - and I'm talking about real collectibles here, not the brand new crap that's being pumped out specifically to be sold as 'collectibles' - collectors love the 'snapshot of history' effect that the item, paperwork, box, receipt, etc., provide. Never forget this!

Naturally, when you buy old electronics like this example, you're taking a bit of a chance because since the batteries are usually dead, you have no idea if they even work before you buy them. But heck, for $2, it's not really a risk, since someone would likely buy it even if it was broken, just for the box and paperwork!

A note of interest here is the fact that this clock actually takes two batteries. A tiny #386 watch battery fits into the little compartment just to the left of the AAA battery in the photo, and runs the clock's timekeeping circuitry.

The AAA battery (visible because someone lost the plastic cover) is responsible for powering the light and the alarm - the clock's power-hungry functions that would kill the smaller battery in no time. Besides, if one battery ran the whole show, the clock would lose time completely every time the battery went dead. So, one tiny battery powers the clock's electronic circuitry for years, and another larger battery powers the light and the alarm and is replaced when needed.

I want to make sure you're aware of this two-battery setup because one of these days you're going to run across one of these clocks, and I don't want you to think yours is broken when you're actually just changing the wrong battery!

So there you have it, another little $50 profit snack that nobody else recognized, brough to you courtesy of Auctionbandits!

Photo of 1980 vintage Seiko digital travel alarm clock