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Rockwell / Porter Cable #315 circular saw, $10.

Just like the Rockwell Porter #503 belt sander you'll find here in another Gallery entry, the Rockwell/Porter Cable #315 circular saw is a tool you should always be on the lookout for because it has a strong following of folks who consider it one of the best power tools you can get hold of.

The saw in our example here was particularly desirable for several reasons: it's in excellent condition, it has the polished unpainted aluminum finish, it comes with the original tools and it's in the original metal case.

The saw in our example here probably represents the most desirable of what you're going to find as far as these saws are concerned, for several reasons:

First of all, it's in excellent shape. Just like anything else, a saw in worse condition will naturally gain less bidder interest.

Second, it has its original box and tools, which are always a plus with bidders.

Third, the hand grip is metal. Subsequent variations had plastic handles over the metal.

Finally, this saw is polished aluminum. Some models are painted aluminum. You may want to keep these factors in mind when you spot one of these saws.

No matter which variation of the 315 saw you find, just remember that all 315 saws are really hard workers and even well-used examples of the painted and plastic handle #315 saws sell on eBay for $50 and up. Also keep in mind the fact that you're going to see other models of Rockwell saws besides the 315, many of which are not worth much money. So until you know just what you're doing, saw-wise, be sure and stick with the #315.

On a very practical note, always plug in and turn on any saw you're thinking of buying, if at all possible. Even the most beautiful saw can have problems with it, so you want to make sure you're getting one that works like it should. The problem that a saw - or any other item, for that matter - presents you with is that not only can you not tell if it runs or not, but you can't tell what else may be wrong with it if you could turn it on. The last thing you want to do is buy a saw that the seller swears runs fine, only to discover later that it has problems that would've kept you from buying it if you'd known about them.

Photo of Rockwell Porter Cable #315 circular saw     


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