Robotemp hot foil imprinting machine, $10.

Hot foil imprinting machines like the Robotemp are expensive! They're great for printing text onto things like match books, pencils, pens, leather, ribbon, greeting cards, business cards, plastic lighters and just about anything else you can think of. Always pay attention when you see a machine designed to make money for its user!

When the Robotemp machine is turned on, the font plate heats up. The foil is actually a thin plastic film with the foil on one side, so when the material to be printed is placed under the press, the foil laid on top of it and the handle pressed down, the foil under the hot font gets transferred to the surface being printed upon.

In today's world of fancy bubble jet printers and high-powered computers, where you can print out just about anything imaginable, it's easy to overlook the utility of the Robotemp machine. But I've yet to see any inkjet printer that will put my message on a pencil, a book, a keychain fob or any of the myriad items you can print on with this machine!

It's always wise to keep an eye out for machines that are intended to help people make money, because they can not only cost lots of money to buy new, but they often sell for lots of money used on eBay!

This machine is a great example of how accessories and consumables can really add value to an item, especially when they're intended for that particular machine, and not just generic stuff you can get anywhere. If this machine were all by itself, without an of the extra ribbons and accessories, it may have sold for only half of the $167 it ended up selling for.

Photo of Robotemp hot foil embossing machine