Lot of 'flash powder' rifle and pistol blank cartridges, $6.

As I was digging through a box of worthless rifle and handgun cleaning supplies at a local estate sale, I found what looked like several boxes of bullets. Upon closer examination I discovered that the bullets were actually blanks.

Blanks are regularly used to provide realism during various war and battle reenactments where people dress in period clothing and recreate Civil War and cowboy skirmishes. They are obviously also used in the movies, where real firearms would obviously not be desirable. 

As a matter of fact, when I got this box of goods home, I discovered that they came from Stembridge Gun Rentals at Paramount Studios, in Hollywood, California! The boxes had dates on them, too: Jan 82 and Jul 78. I know there were a couple of cowboy movies made during those years, but anything more would be pure speculation.

As you may know, since eBay tightened up its regulations on what can be sold on its site, the sale of ammunition - whether real or blanks - is completely forbidden. The challenge this tightening of regulations has created for us is that there are countless thousands of potential buyers all across this country for any and all gun-related stuff we run across. So what to do?

The answer to this problem, which I actually address in several entries here in the Gallery, is the premiere auction site for anything and everything related to firearms, accessories and ammunition. I'm talking about nothing less than the eBay of gun stuff - gunbroker.com. If you really want to get the most out of all that this big world of profit opportunity has to offer you, you simply cannot afford to pass on items like these just because eBay prohibits their sale.

Photo of Remington flash powder blanks from Stembridge Gun Rentals at Paramount Studios