Vintage RCA MX-7 'tube' style stereo receiver, $5.

I got this old MX-7 receiver at a garage sale where the seller was getting rid of all sorts of old electronics. I figure it must be at least a bit unusual, since none are currently listed on eBay's open or closed auctions. And there's very little information to be found on this unit on the internet. But as far as I'm concerned, any older stereo tuner with tubes inside it is worth $5!

It turns out that this particular example still works fine... but what if it didn't? Here's something you should always keep in mind when it comes to buying old stuff, that is likely to actually be used by their buyers, whether electronics, cars, sewing machines, radios or whatever. Relatively few of your bidders on items like these will be the clueless end-users who are banking on receiving a perfect product. Most will be enthusiasts and collectors who are experienced in the maintenance and repair of the items the bid on.

It's very important that you understand this because many auctionbandits out there will balk at an old radio that they can't test, or that proves not to be in good operating condition, when in reality it may not even matter at all to their eBay buyers. In the case of older electronics, virtually all the components inside are so big that they can be easily replaced, allowing the experienced person to bring the unit back to life in no time! This tuner sold on eBay for $405.

Photo of vintage RCA MX-7 tube type home stereo receiver tuner