Lot of 'old school' radio control model car parts, $5.

Back in the old days - the 1970's and 1980's, in this case - before our Chinese friends stuffed every inch of shelf space in every toy shop across the country with $5 radio control toys (or 'r/c' for short,) things were different. Back before the technology explosion that nowadays puts a zillion transistors onto a one-dollar chip, the electronic components that make up a radio control system were frightfully expensive.

This tended to keep these machines out of the hands of the 6-year-old Walmart shoppers, leaving them to the serious hobbyists who actually built their cars from individual components and treated them like the expensive machines that they were. Many of these cars were hand built from machined metal parts, high performance motors, special tires, shock absorbers and countless other parts and pieces that were available to the hardcore modeler guys who built their own machines from the ground up.

So, these cars were expensive back then. But why in the world would anyone want them today? It must be a nostalgia thing. After all, those old cars aren't any better or faster than the ones that are available to the serious modeler today. The sharp eBay seller knows that some of this 'old school' stuff from the 1970's and 1980's can be a goldmine if he knows what he's looking at. He knows that many people on eBay owned - or wanted to own - this stuff as kids, and still have a soft spot for it. If you're vigilant, you'll see this old school phenomenon occur over and over, across a wide spectrum of goods, from bicycles to skateboards to surfing magazines to radio control models to..... get the idea?

The 'serious' world of the rc car modeler is still out there today, and the cars and their related parts are as costly as they ever were. But today, just like in the old days, few people but the serious hobbyists really know that much about this specialized area. People today are so used to seeing the cheap Chinese stuff, that they don't know what they're looking at when they see the really sought-after goods. This can be great news for you, because your competition will spot these older radio control cars at a yard sale, and will likely to associate them with the cheapo Chinese stuff and move right on past them. See what a little knowledge can do for you?

These parts sold on eBay for $89.

Photo of old school radio control car model parts