Lot of empty pistol boxes, $5.

Although eBay prohibits the sale of firearms, they still allow the buying and selling of gun accessories and supplies. This lot consists of five vintage empty pistol boxes for: Hi Standard Supermatic 9119, Ruger Super Single Six, Hi Standard Sentinel 9128, Smith & Wesson 31-1, and Charter Arms 1382.

This particular yard sale consisted of stuff strewn around the floor of a garage, with no prices on any of it. The first thing I saw was an older Ruger pistol box on the floor right in the middle of the garage, which I immediately grabbed. As I walked around the mess, I saw another box up on a shelf, and another one in an empty bucket, and two more under one of the tables! I ended up scrounging a total of five boxes, for which the seller wanted a dollar apiece. Always look around!

EBay is full of gun enthusiasts. It's not hard to see how people would be climbing over each other to get hold of the pistols that used to be in these boxes. But... did you know that many older empty boxes alone sell for well over $100 on eBay? Now, why in the heck would anyone want an old empty gun box? Well, consider that these boxes are from the 1960's era, which is an era that's showing lots of interest among collectors.

One thing you absolutely must know about collectors is that no matter the passion, they love the complete package. So in this case, the collectable pistol is not worth as much as the collectable pistol in the box. In this case, it's the complete packahe element of collecting that makes these boxes so desirable to collectors!

Remember that not too many of these old boxes survived, because they were usually discarded by the owners soon after the firearm was purchased. But wait a minute... what about the fact that the serial number written on the box isn't the one on the gun that the collector will be placing in the box? Well, I can't answer that one. But if I had to guess, I'd say that it's the next best thing!

As with anything else, the desirability of the box is a direct reflection of the desirability of the item it holds. The Charter Arms box didn't sell, as I figured might happen, simply because Charter Arms has little interest among collectors. The Ruger Super Single Six box sold for $76, the Hi Standard Supermatic 9119 box sold for $58, the Hi Standard Sentinel 9128 box sold for $21.50 and the S&W 31-1 box sold for $28.

Total profit on the lot was $178.

Photo of empty pistol boxes for Ruger Super Single Six, Hi Standard Supermatic 9119, Hi Standard Sentinel 9128 and S&W 31-1