Pink Floyd Shine On collectible CD album set

Some of the older vinyl albums and records can provide you with some opportunities for sure. But learning just a bit about the more recent boxed CD sets that audiophiles and collectors go for nowadays can open doors to profit that you never even knew were there!

This Shine On set is a collection of nine of the albums released by the rock band Pink Floyd, along with a neat little book explaining lots of stuff about the band. Also included in the set are eight interesting postcards and a cardboard holder for all the CDs. If you see one of these sets, try to pick it up cheap, because Pink Floyd Shine On sets in really good shape sell well on eBay. Note that we're talking about CDs here - not vinyl albums.

Something very important to do whenever you're thinking about buying any set of anything is to check that everything that originally came in the box is present and is in good shape. And by all means, be especially sure to look in all CD cases. Not only do you want to make sure that none of the CDs are missing, but you also want to ensure that they're still in good physical condition.

As I was inspecting this set, for example, I found that one of the CDs was missing from its case. I mentioned this fact to the seller, and he immediately ran inside and retrieved the missing disc, apologizing for his oversight. He'd left it in his home stereo CD player! Had I failed to check for missing CDs - and this is very important - I'd now be stuck with a boxed collector set with a missing CD, a fault that could whack $40 or $50 off the price of the set. That may seem like a stiff penalty for only one missing CD, but remember - it's not like your winning bidder can simply run out to the store and buy that one missing CD to complete his set!

So many people think that when it comes to old audio media, older is better. They'll jump on a pile of old LPs or 45 rpm rocords, while completely ignoring an early 1990s CD set. Plenty of opportunity in collectible audio media exists for you in the form of stuff stuff made during the past 20 or 30 years. And the great part is that few people are able to see it. A few minutes exploring this area will pay off when you least expect it!

And remember - whenever you're thinking about buying anything related to either CD or vinyl collectibles, try to make sure all the cards, posters and anything else that came with the set is still there. Make sure all the CDs or records are there, and don't get crazy and pay too much!

Photo of Pink Floyd Shine On CD set