Origo 1500 single-burner alcohol marine stove, $5.

One of the primary concerns aboard any floating vessel is the danger of fire. Anything on a boat that smokes, burns, ignites, lights up or generates heat is viewed with the utmost concern. A short circuit, an unattended heating coil, a malfunctioning LP tank or a spilled oil lamp can have everyone in a life raft in short order.

Origo knows that one of the primary fire dangers aboard a boat comes from cooking, so they developed their series of alcohol marine stoves to provide the highest degree of safety obtainable in a flame-producing stove. Origo stoves burn denatured alcohol that’s poured into a special stainless steel canister filled with a non-flammable wool material, which absorbs the alcohol, eliminating any chance of a spill. The wool's natural capillary action draws the alcohol to the surface of the canister, where the fumes are burned to create the stove's flame.

As you can see, there's not really much to this stove other than the alcohol canister and the stainless steel enclosure. The heat control is simplicity in itself. As the knob is turned, a metal flap sweeps across the canister's opening, enlarging or reducing the surface that's exposed to the air.

Something important to note here is that whether you've ever even seen an Origo stove, the one thing that should have caught your eye on this stove is the MADE IN SWEDEN that appears right under the Origo name on the front of the stove. Although you can obviously use this stove anywhere, its stainless steel construction and careful fuel control make it really handy for use onboard a boat. This 1500 retails for around $150, and there are other models of Origo stoves as well, like the dual-burner models.

This Origo 1500 alcohol boat stove sold on eBay for $68.

Photo of Origo 1500 marine alcohol boat stove