Olympus 35 RC rangefinder camera, $4.

The little 35 RC was introduced in 1970, and is a great example of the rangefinder type 35mm cameras that were very popular with photographers back when 35mm SLR cameras were still astronomically priced. And since these cameras were relatively expensive units at the time, and were not intended to be compromises, they often sported very high quality optics.

As you look at this camera from the front, notice the viewfinder window on the top right corner. Now, notice the very small window right above the lens. That’s the rangefinder window. The advantage to these rangefinder cameras is, obviously, size. For the photography buff who prefers film to digital, these little rangefinder cameras have a lot to offer, especially for traveling and 'on the go' photography. The combination of 35mm film size, exceptionally good optics, and compact size, make for a camera that’s still desirable over 30 years after it was made.

This particular example is a 35 RC, which sells for around $40 -$50 on eBay. But there are other models, like the 35 RD and 35 SP, which look very similar to our lower-priced example here, but sell for around $150.

This Olympus e5 RC rangefinder sold on eBay for $51.

Photo of Olympus RC 35 35mm rangefinder film camera