Oakley 'Razor Blades' sunglasses and accessories, $10.

Since Oakley introduced their 'Razor Blades; sunglasses back in the late 1980's, Oakley sunglasses have had somewhat of a cult following. People still love to wear these 'old school' Razor Blades, and still buy up all the cool spare parts and accessories.

These old 1980s vintage Oakley sunglasses fit a formula that you're going to see over and over, and must know to take advantage of when you see it.

1- Oakley sunglasses were - and still are - very heavily marketed.

2- Oakley's have have always been rather expensive sunglasses.

3- Oakley literally invented the now popular 'surfer style' of sunglasses, which means that these old Razor Blades fit squarely into the category of 'old school.'

4- In countless industries, there are hardcore collectors and end users of this old school merchandise, who are ready to pay you very well for good examples of what they're looking for.

As you're going to learn in this business, it really doesn't matter why all those eager bidders out there are obsessed with what they're obsessed with. What's important is that you're able to sense when an item you see may possess the potential for bidder obsession!

I bet right now you can actually smell that a few warnings are in order here, so here we go.

First of all, there's the question of fakes. Let's face it, high cost + high popularity + distinctive look = good possibility that the market will be flooded with cheapo fakes. Consider handbags, for example. Go to any of the 'straw markets' in the Bahamas, and you'll be assaulted with friendly folks selling cheapo copies of really expensive designer handbags. Now, these people will tell you right off that their products are not the real thing. They have no intention whatsoever of passing off their goods as authentic. But! When the buyer of one of these fake purses decides at a later date to sell it at her yard sale, she often does not exhibit the honesty that was afforded her when she was on the buying end.

Now, what about Oakleys? Well, let's say a street vendor in New York City is selling fake Chinese Oakleys, which he openly discloses to everyone as fakes. The problem happens down the road, when these glasses just pop up at a yard sale, without anyone around to vouch for them. A crooked yard sale seller may even just put them out on the table with a high price and wait to 'see what happens.'

The above reasons are why I'm a little freaky about buying the latest and greatest of anything that I have difficulty telling real from fake. And there are some really good Oakley fakes out there. But when it comes to older Oakley stuff like these Razor Blades and parts, I don't think we have much to worry about, since there's just not enough interest outside the small group of people who are into them to really justify doing it.

And wait a minute... it's time for the dreaded box warning again! Back when people used to buy the various pieces, parts and accessories for these Razor Blades sunglasses, like the replacement earpieces you see in the photo, they sometimes did it just for a change of color. But sometimes they bought new parts because they'd broken something on their own glasses. And what do you think they did with the broken parts? Right, they put them back into the nice little foam lined box, right where the new part came from! So.... although your vintage Oakley fanatics love to snap up parts and pieces for their old Razor Blades, they expect fully functional parts and pieces! They don't have much use for broken parts!

And before I forget, here's yet another important warning: Whenever you're inspecting any type of glasses, always carefully inspect the lenses for scratches or any other kind of damage! I cannot overemphasize the importance of doing this! Scratched lenses are easy to overlook, so be very, very careful! And you certainly don't want a buyer emailing you after receiving them that he wants a refund because of a scratch you didn't tell him about!

Photo of Oakley Razor Blades sunglasses earpieces and lenses