Nikken 'Kenko' magnetic mattress pad & petpad, $40.

To get a better idea of how important it is to know the Nikken profile, please have a look at the Gallery entry on the Nikken Elastomag neck wrap. One good thing about magnetic mattress pads is that most all of them are pretty costly. And one of the best known makers of the most expensive magnetic mattress pads you're going to find is Nikken.

Nikken is one of the most respected and recognized names in the field of magnetic therapy, which means.. you guessed it - lots of eBay bidders will be searching for their products by name. To give you an idea of just how far Nikken has gotten themselves into the field of magnetic therapy, they even make a magnetic therapy dog pad! And you can bet that there are plenty of eBay buyers ready to buy any one of these you put up for auction!

In case you're wondering just how they make a 'magnetized' mattress pad, it seems to be a pretty straightforward operation. They just sew a bunch of little magnets into pouches all across the pad. Although you can't really feel the hard magnets very well through the padding, you can tell that there's something different going on inside the pad if you squeeze it in a few places.

Look closely at the pads in the photos below and you'll notice that they are both brand new in the plastic wrap. This is a really important point, because brand new in the plastic doesn't require any explanation as to cleanliness. If you've ever bought a used bed, you know what I mean. Now, in the case that you run across one of these magnetic mattress pads that isn't still in the plastic wrap, be sure to check it carefully for any staining or unusual odors. As you can imagine, prospective bidders reading your description of either of these maladies will very likely respond with a 'ewwwww' rather than a bid. Stick with examples that are in like-new shape and you should be okay.

Also, keep in mind that magnetic mattress pads, just like bed mattresses, vary in price by size. A single, like the one in this example, will sell for much less than one intended for a king or queen bed. The petpad in this example is for a large dog, and as you can imagine, a smaller petpad intended for a smaller dog will naturally bring less money.

I found these two mattresses at a yard sale where the seller was getting rid of a bunch of stuff that belonged to his recently-deceased mother, who had been a Nikken distributor. It's sort of a blessing that he had little connection to her business, or he likely would've known how much these things cost. The 'chain of knowledge' I regularly refer to here at Auctionbandits had been broken.

One of the reason Nikken products sell so well on eBay is because you can't just stop by your local Walmart and stock up on the stuff. Nikken markets its products through distributors, which means that you're not going to get any breaks on the price.

Something you may be wondering is whether magnet therapy is viable, or just a load of quackery. As eBay sellers, should we really have an opinion about alternative therapy, magnet therapy, PiMag, Kenko or anything else? Of course not! Magnet therapy may indeed be a viable form of therapy... and it may all be foolishness... but we shouldn't care either way. All we have to know about the Nikken company and its products is that the alternative therapy market is huge, and that it has millions of loyal followers worldwide on eBay who swear to its effectiveness. That's enough for me!

This Nikken Kenko magnet therapy single bed mattress sold on eBay for $149 and the large Petpad sold on eBay for $78.

Photo of Nikken magnetic twin mattress pad and large Petpad