Nikken 'Elastomag' magnetic neck wrap, 50ยข.

Please take a bit of time to learn more about Nikken and their products, because you will be seeing them. Nikken specializes in the field of alternative therapy, which they market through technologies like 'Patented Magnetic Technology,' 'Advanced Sleep Technology,' 'Far-Infrared Technology,' 'Bio-directed Nutri-Technology' and 'PiMag Technology.' Learn about this stuff because it's out there waiting on you!

For many people, the term 'alternative' anything is enough to discount the entire conversation as foolish drivel. On the other hand, there are millions of other people who swear by alternative therapy and credit it with literally saving their lives. Whichever end of this polarized issue is the more accurate, the fact that Nikken is a viable company that's been in business for about 30 years worldwide means they're doing something that people find beneficial. And they've been here in the U.S. for about 15 years, so people here are indeed buying the stuff.

Now, if you want to get hold of some Nikken products, you can't just wander into your local Walmart and grab a cartload of the stuff. Nikken markets its products through distributors, so you'll have to go through one of them, that is, unless you get it on eBay. And believe me, there's a very strong, brisk market for all things Nikken on eBay!

So, as eBay sellers, must we really have an opinion about alternative therapy, magnets, PiMag and other stuff like that, just to make money in this business? Of course not. It may be a viable form of therapy, and it may all be foolishness, but we shouldn't care either way. All I have to know about this company and its products is that the alternative therapy market is huge, and that it has millions of loyal followers worldwide - and on eBay - who swear to its effectiveness.

Here's a final thought on this neck wrap. From time to time here at Auctionbandits, you'll hear me refer to the 'chain of knowledge.' This neck wrap was in the 50¢ pile at the yard sale because the old lady who was selling it didn't even know what it was, much less what it was worth. In this particular case, the chain of knowledge had obviously been broken.

A direct contrast to the above scenario is a yard sale I visited several months ago. I walked into the garage and saw a Nikken 'PiMag' water filter sitting on a table, and immediately thought that I was going to score big! But then I saw the $200 price sticker on it! Yikes! And as I looked around the garage, I noticed lots of boxes of Nikken stuff. And in the kitchen I saw several different models of Nikken water filters displayed on the kitchen counter! I'd obviously stumbled into the lair of a Nikken distributor who was 'getting out of the biz.'

To ensure that all his stuff would sell, this Nikken-distributor-turned-yard-sale-seller had priced everything at his 'distributor cost,' which was still astronomically high. The chain of knowledge couldn't have been stronger in this situation because this guy knew exactly what he had, and he knew exactly what it was worth. So in a last ditch attempt at a deal, I asked him what he'd take as a package deal for everything, and he told me he'd "add up everything and knock off another ten percent." I bet all those boxes are still right there in his garage! But at least he can sleep at night knowing that nobody played him for a fool and stole his merchandise!

After the long spiel I just gave about how well Nikken stuff sells, you may be wondering how I could doubt he sold his stuff. Remember, this is a numbers game, so whereas there are countless hundreds of fanatical Nikken buyers on eBay, the chances of just one of them wandering into his sale are quite small. Always remember this numbers thing, because it explains many of our opportunities that would've been unthinkable before eBay was with us.

I should also mention that the neck wrap is not the only magnetic wrap Nikken makes. They also offer the Elastomag for wrist, elbow, shoulder, lower back, ankle and knee. So keep your eyes open out there!

This Nikken Elastomag neck wrap sold on eBay for $64.

Photo of Nokken Elastomag magnetic therapy neckwrap