Needak rebounder exerciser, $10.

Rebounders are popular with folks who consider them great exercise. Fortunately (for us), most people automatically associate all rebounders with the cheapo $20 Walmart stuff. Be advised! Some brands of rebounders cost hundreds to buy new, and sell for hundreds used on eBay! Three brands I can think of are the Cellerciser, Bellicon and of course the trampoline in our example here - the Needak. The Needak costs around $300 new and can easily sell for over $150 used.

The Needak rebounder fits into a class of goods I like to refer to as the deviants. The term refers to any brand that deviates greatly in price from every other item in its class. This class of item is great news for you, because other people who see them for sale instantly think of their cheaper counterparts and don't give them a second thought. Another example of a deviant is the Dualit toaster. Would you ever think of buying a used toaster to sell on eBay? Well, if you ever see a Dualit, you'd better grab it! Please do think about this one for a minute!   

As I did a little research on Needaks, I discovered that they, along with Cellerciser and Bellicon, are considered the 'Cadillac' of rebounders and that little expense was spared in making them the best of the best. When I first saw this Needak at the yard sale, I wasn't familiar with the name at all, but I could tell that it was not like any other rebounder I've seen. The fabric jumping surface is much more tightly woven than other rebounders I've seen.

The frame is made from heavy, square tubing, as opposed to the round tubing so common on cheaper models. The springs are tapered at either end, as opposed to the straight ones used on the cheapie rebounders. And since the Needak folds in half, the legs must naturally come off, and they do. But instead of just popping off the frame, each leg remains secured to the frame by a small spring that actually swings the leg down flat against the frame when it's removed. This rebounder even comes with an instructional tape and a carrying bag.

Never forget the importance of learning the deviants - the brand leaders in the different industries - because a powerful brand name draws bidders like crazy. In the world of rebounders, it looks like Needak is the brand leader.

This Needak rebounder sold on eBay for $151.

Photo of Needak mini rebounder trampoline