Morfam 'Jeanie Rub' Master Massager, $15.

Believe it or not, certain brands of massagers can offer you some great profit opportunities - but you have to learn what they look like! You may already be familiar with this massager's profile if you've seen the entry with the Medi Rub 2000 massager, which has the same general 'look' as this Morfam.

I certainly wish I had more to tell you in this entry, but I guess that about all I can really do here is pass along this massager's profile so that you'll know what it is when you see it.

Although this Morfam is made from aluminum, as opposed to the Medi Rub's plastic case, this massager will likely sell for about half of what the Medi Rub sells for. But since this one is in perfect condition and is still in the box, my $15 investment is pretty safe.

Whenever you're considering the purchase of any brand of massager, remember that condition is of paramount importance. These things are really not that rare, and there are just too many great examples selling on eBay at any one time for an abused or worn out example to get much attention from bidders.

If you have access to an electric outlet, plug it in and make sure it works. Although I've never run across one of these that was completely inoperative, the possibility is there. You have to always consider the possibility that the massager you're looking at may have been used in a massage place, where it saw many hours of use each day. It may look great on the outside, but it can be worn out on the inside. Again, not very likely, but there's always that possibility.

On a final note, although I don't have photo to post here, there are a couple more brands of expensive massagers to watch for. One is called the 'Thumper.' Thumper makes two distinct shapes of massagers - one that looks sort of like a bigger version of this Morfam, and one that has a smaller head and a long handle, obviously intended for a person to use on himself or herself.

The other massager to watch for is the Healax, which is essentially a massage unit that's encased in a long, flexible sleeve. It sits on the shoulders in a kind of 'horseshoe' style, allowing for completely hands-free massaging. Quite costly and well worth keeping an eye out for!

This Morfam Jeanie Rub massager sold on eBay for $89.

Photo of Morfam Jeanie Rub Master Massager