Moen T954 Monticello 'roman tub' faucet, $5.

Roman tub faucets by brands like Kohler, Rohl and of course Moen, can provide you some fantastic opportunities because they tend to cost more across the board than regular sink faucets. For this reason, I suggest you take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the various roman tub faucet brands you're likely to see.

If you've been around Auctionbandits a while, you're already familiar with my dreaded box warning. Keeping this warning in mind will save you a great deal of heartburn down the road! Whenever you spot a nice-looking box of anything, always carefully inspect what's inside. People's nasty tendency of putting the old stuff back into the boxes that the new stuff came out of is so bad that sometimes I feel there's an unwritten rule somewhere that says: be sure to put the old faucet back into the new faucet's box so you can sell it at your next yard sale! So, just make sure that the item in the box is the one that's supposed to be in there, make sure it's brand new, and make sure all the parts are still in there, and you should be okay.

Even though there's potentially lots of money here, the only reasons I felt I had to buy this faucet are because it's brand new, it was only five bucks, and because all things being equal, a roman tub faucet will usually sell for much more money than regular-size sink or tub faucets.

Now, what the heck is a roman tub?

When it comes to bathtubs, there's really only a couple of places you can mount the faucets. In millions of homes, the water is simply plumbed inside the wall, and the water knobs and tap are mounted right on the wall at one end of the tub. But many high-end and free-standing bathtubs employ these roman tub style or 'deck mount' faucets, which are located right on the edge of the tub, just like the faucets on the bathroom sink are located at the edge of the basin.

For obvious reasons, the roman tub style faucet is much larger than its bathroom sink counterpart, and other than size, the two look almost identical.

This Moen T954 Monticello faucet sold on eBay for $87.

Photo of Moen Monticello T954 roman tub faucet