Mikuni carburetors for 1980s vintage motorcycles, 2 sets, $4.

This Gallery entry is for two sets of carburetors for older Japanese motorcycles from, I believe, early 1980's vintage. Older Japanese motorcycles from the 1970s and 1980s are really growing in popularity, and the people who own these old bikes are constantly in search of the parts and pieces they need to keep their babies running. As you can imagine, those parts and pieces are becoming harder and harder to come by. You learn something new every single day in this business, don't you?

The motorcycles that these carburetors fit onto are known as inline 4-cylinder bikes, because the four cylinders point up in the air and run in a line from one side of the bike to the other, in an area right between the rider's knees. Each cylinder has its own carburetor, which is located right behind it, as can be seen in the photos below. Of course, the carbs you see in the pics are actually two sets from two different bikes, so they could be listed in two separate auctions.

This particular buy was simply the chance to grab, for almost nothing, what may be a nice little profit. The seller couldn't tell me anything about these carbs, but I really don't have to know exactly which motorcycle model(s) they fit. All I have to do to get them in front of my buyers is to make sure I have the brand name of the carbs (Mikuni,) and all the major motorcycle manufacturers that they may fit (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki,) into my auction title, and let the rest take care of itself: .

When people click on my auction, I'll simply explain that 'I'm not sure just what bikes these carbs fit, but they appear to be in average condition for their age and should be serviceable after being rebuilt. I don't know anything about these items, but I'll try to answer any questions.'

I've found that using key words to attract the educated buyers is a very effective way to scare up interest in something I know nothing about. Look, it's impossible to know everything about everything you're going to encounter in this business. There's just too damned much of it! So, sometimes you just have attract the people who do know enough about what you're selling so that they can fight over it among themselves!

Photo of 1980s vintage Mikuni motorcycle carburetors