Large lot of karate martial arts training stuff, $35.

Here's the deal on this equipment. The kids want to take karate classes, so mom and dad run out and load up on hundreds of dollars in equipment. Fast foward a few months, and the kids have moved on to something else. The equipment, however, is still taking up space in the garage, just waiting for the next yard sale. Martial arts training equipment like you see pictured below sells like crazy, and you'll regularly run across large lots of this stuff that you can buy for a few dollars.

If you look in the upper left of the pic, you'll see the setup that utilizes plastic 'rebreakable' boards which the students can break just like wood boards, and are designed to be reused countless times. The color of the board dictates the level of force required to break it, and these rebreakable type boards can sell for $30 per board on eBay! The boards and board holder will naturally be sold separately from the rest of the equipment.

An interesting thing about this kind of karate training equipment is that it very often has the kid's name scrawled on every piece in indelible marker. You'd think that would matter, but apparently the parents just buy the stuff on eBay to save lots of money, and then they use their own pen to write their kid's name over the old name. Let's face it, most parents know their kids will only be using these things for little while, so why let a little magic marker ink stand between them and a good deal?

The rebreakable boards and board holder sold for a total of $154. The other equipment was broken up into four lots, which sold for a total of $301. Grand total for this lot on eBay was $455.

Photo of martial arts karate training supplies lot