Magma Pow'r Grip marine kettle 'Fish rod holder' mount, $2.

If you've seen the Gallery entry on the Magma marine gas kettle, you're already aware that Magma is the most popular manufacturer of boat barbecue grills in the world. But unless you know what you're looking at, you'll walk right past this thing, and it will go to the guy who really knows what he's looking at.

Lots of boats - especially fishing boats - have mounts designed to hold fishing rods - fish rod holders - and this little mount simply slips into a vacant fish rod holder and holds the Magma kettle. The wing nut is tightened to keep the mount in place.

When I saw this on the table at the yard sale, I couldn't help but pick it up and say to the seller, 'You know, you and I are probably the only people who've been here today who know what this thing is.' He laughed and agreed! He said that people had been picking it up and looking at it all morning, wondering just what in the heck it was for.

But once you learn about the Magma kettle I have listed in another Gallery entry, you won't be stumped when you see one of these mounts. The Magma fish rod holder mount costs much more than it looks like it should cost, and is a brisk seller on eBay.

The great thing about this one is that since it's still new in the sealed packaging, there's no explaining to do to your bidders as to its condition.

No goldmine of profit here, but there's nothing at all wrong with grabbing a little snack to pay for the day's gasoline, is there?

This little mount sold for a nice $28 on eBay.

Photo of Magma marine kettle fish rod holder mount