Magma marine barbecue gas kettle, $30.

If it goes on a boat, it's very likely going to cost lots of money. This Magma marine kettle goes on a boat, and you can bet that it costs plenty, so keep an eye out for it! Now, since Magma also makes several newer, more expensive models than the one you see here, you may want to check out their line of marine cooking kettles so that you'll also recognize them when you see them.

This is so important that I'm going to say it again. The very first thing to keep in mind about this Magma marine kettle is that it's designed for use on a boat. And anything designed for use on a boat usually sell at a premium to its non-marine counterpart. Obviously, this rule isn't carved in stone, but if you're observant, you'll notice that it holds true more often than not. Although these Magma kettles aren't so common that you'll be tripping over them, they have such a distinctive profile that's sure to stick in your mind.

When we think of barbecue grills, we normally think of the ones we fire up on the back patio on the weekend. But consider the requirements for a grill designed for use on a boat.

First of all, it has to be made from a corrosion-resistant material that won't be affected by the salt air.

Second, it should be fairly compact, because unless you're on a large yacht (where you'd hardly be using one of these in the first place,) there's never enough room.

The third factor to consider is stability. Boats roll and flop around like crazy, and the last thing you want is an errant wave dumping your grill over, sending a load of red hot charcoal skittering across the deck and setting your boat on fire.

The Magma grill is made from stainless steel to resist salt air corrosion. It's small in diameter, measuring only 16" across. It's designed to mount securely onto various places on the boat, such as a secure floor mount or a section of round railing. There's even a mount available that secures tightly into a fishing pole holder.

It's very important to note here that Magma makes two distinct varieties of their cooking kettles: charcoal and gas, with the gas version being the more expensive because of the additional plumbing and parts. This is an important fact to know because you certainly don't want to get the Magma name stuck in your mind, then run out and buy an old, used charcoal model that doesn't bring you even $20 dollars on eBay!

I bought this grill for three reasons:

First, although I don't have the original packaging, it's brand new.

Second, it's the gas version, which is the more expensive model.

Finally, this grill came with an extra, which Magma calls a 'Pow'r Grip fish rod holder' mount, which I cover in another Gallery entry. Note that although various types of mounts are available from Magma for their grills, a new kettle (or grill, or whatever you want to call it) doesn't come with any mount at all, so you have to buy one before you can even use it!

This Magma marine gas kettle sold on eBay for $168.

Photo of Magma marine barbecue gas kettle