Lucinda Bassett's cassette course: Attacking Anxiety & Depression, $5.

There's no shortage of self-help courses out there, and most of them aren't bothering with. But, when you find one that addresses a very specific need, to a very well-defined segment of society, you may be on to something! Courses like Attacking Anxiety and Depression fit this mold very well.

This cassette course was sitting on the table with the box cover closed, which struck me as kind of an irony. This course is delivered by mail, and because of the sensitive nature of the subject matter, it's intended to be sort of a 'plain brown wrapper' sort of deal, without references to and of the problems the customer may be experiencing. Always look inside of unmarked, closed boxes!

You're going to encounter all kinds of audio courses in your travels, on literally everything you can imagine. But few of them really rake in big money on eBay, and I believe the reason for that might be due to the lack of urgency felt by the people looking for them on eBay. All of us occasionally think about improving ourselves in all kinds of ways, but then we get distracted and soon forget what we were even looking for.

After checking out the various websites that sell information intended to help people who suffer from anxiety and depression, I noted how the sales pitch was generally aimed directly at relieving the pain. I could actually imagine the urgency that one of their targeted visitors may feel. I honestly can't think of a more motivated buyer than someone looking for relief from anxiety and/or depression.

Something that can really help you out whenever you're trying to sell anything, is the fact that it has been advertised in television commercials, as this course has. People see the television commercials, check out the website, and then see what the course costs... and then naturally turn to eBay in search of a better deal. So, when you combine a powerful need, great exposure and a recognized name, the odds are good that you've got a winner on your hands.

This course cost the original buyer $299 back in 2000, and its more elaborate current format sells for around $420 on her website. The single factor that held this course down to only $30 on eBay is the fact that it's in cassette format. This same course in CD/DVD format will sell for several times that amount!

So never forget that nowadays, the cassette version of nearly any course or program that's also available in CD or DVD will sell for much less than the CD or DVD formats! 

And one other thing - whether cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs or whatever, always make sure that all the pieces are there! Just one missing piece will knock down the price the course considerably! Never forget to do this!

Photo of Lucinda Bassett Midwest Center Attacking Anxiety and Depression Course