Lindby 'Linbar' motorcycle highway crash bar, $10.

Motorcycle 'crash' bars, or 'highway' bars, not only offer the rider a footrest for highway cruising, but also some protection in the case that his bike ends up on its side. Lindby makes some of the best you're going to find, and the Linbar is one of the company's most popular products.

Although these bars tend to sell fairly well on eBay, be sure to inspect any highway crash bars you're thinking of buying, to make sure they haven't already been in a crash! You'll see these bars in all different shapes, sizes and qualities, as well as in one piece and two piece varieties. Once you know what they look like, they're pretty easy to pick out from the yard sale clutter.

When I saw this specimen at the yard sale, I just knew it was different from most other bars I had seen, because it just looked expensive. Instead of one long bar bent into a square, the Linbar is made from several curved, elegantly welded pieces. And note the O-rings designed to give the rider's feet a better grip.

As always, I asked the seller what make, model and year of motorcycle this bar was on, but as is so often the case, he had no idea whatsoever. And since the label had also unfortunately been removed, I couldn't use that for a reference, either. I had no idea about this bar's application at the time I bought it. But it didn't really matter, because I knew that the chances were good that someone on eBay would be looking for it, no matter which bike it fit.

Now, all I had to do was find out the correct application so that I could list it correctly!

A search of eBay, as well as on the Lindby site itself, revealed that I could determine this bar's correct application by just looking at the configuration of how it bolted to the bike. But what if my online research was not helpful in determining this bar's application? Well, I guess the next step would be to contact the Lindby people, and maybe email them a photo of the bar. I've found that manufacturers are, in general, very willing to help when it comes to stuff like this, so don't forget this resource!

This bar retails for around $350 new from the Lindby folks, and this example sold on eBay for a cool $185.

Photo of Lindby Linbar motorcycle highway crash bar