Vintage leathercraft supplies, $3.

If there's one thing that arts and crafts folks often really like, it's the vintage stuff that relates to their particular area of interest. Crafts related to working with leather have never lost their popularity, so I'm betting that someone out there would like to get hold of these vintage leathercraft kits.

Nothing really special here, just a handful of old kits for making things like purses and wallets. A piece of paper in each kit stated that these were made by the (apparently) now-defunct New England Handicraft Supply Company up in Brockton, Ma.. The phone number on the papers are even in the old EXchange format JU 6-7320. Didn't they quit using that old telephone format back in the mid 1960's?

So, the question now is, would anyone out there want to buy old leather craft kits from the mid 1960's? I'd like to veer off topic for a moment and address an unusual effect that eBay has had on the millions of collectors and hobbyists.

I believe that the sheer supply of stuff that's available on eBay has allowed some collectors and hobbyists to narrow their field of interest to areas that would've been impractical before eBay was around. Think about it - all those eBay listings for old fishing reels, for example, naturally mean that the collectors of these old reels can find enough of them to keep them busy. But there's more....

The vintage fishing reel collector, for example, can now narrow his field of specialty to, for example, just English reels... or those made by a specific company... or those made during a specific period of time.. or any combination of the above! In this same vein, the telephone collector can now concentrate only on Pink 'princess' telephones from the 1960's, and the transistor radio collector can now concentrate on just those old radios with filling station themes... or soft drink themes... or cigarette themes. See what I mean?

Before eBay was around, the rarity of these 'specialty-within-a-specialty' items made it impractical - or even impossible - for a collector to zero in on them. But with the incredible bulk of stuff being available nowadays on eBay, these previously rare items are popping up with more regularity, making it much easier for collectors to find exactly just those things they want to collect.

So I'd bet that there are people on eBay who specialize in not only leathercraft kits, but vintage leathercraft kits. This lot of vintage leather craft kits sold on eBay for $87.

Photo of vintage leathercraft kits