Kett KS-23AM 'Plunge Master' panel saw, $5.

This tool caught my eye because it just looks expensive. Like so many specialty tools you're going to find, it can provide you with some startling profits. Costing hundreds to buy new, this Kett KS 23AM panel saw is just one of many other tools you can pick up for a few dollars, then turn around and sell for a great profit.

As you can imagine, this Plunge Master saw is not the kind of tool you'll find at your local Walmart, or even in the larger home improvement stores. Since these saws have a relatively specialized use, rest assured that they have not been produced by the billions. Someone who wants to buy one of these saws will likely have to go online to find one.

You must always keep the scarcity factor in mind!

The Kett Plunge Master electric saw costs approximately $600 to buy from an online source. Here's what Kett has to say about this saw:

'The Kett Plunge Master KS-23AM saw allows you to cut any desired depth through soft, rigid sheets and panels from zero to full 3/8" depth (with 2" diameter) and 5/8" (with 2 1/2" diameter) high-speed steel saw blades. This saw handles mild steel to 16 gauge; aluminum to 3/16"; and plastics to 1/2". Cuts are smooth and straight, so edges do not need finishing. Powered by Kett's "D" handle, heavy duty industrial type 3/8" capacity 5.5 amp electric motor, the KS-23AM can handle the toughest jobs in the shop or at the job site.'

Notice that the little protector plate is missing from the side of our saw. This plate is normally removed only to change the cutting blade, but apparently a previous owner forgot to replace it and lost it. I'll bet that the high bidder won't be too concerned about this fact, and will simply buy a new one or even fabricate his own if he really wants one.

A final obvious tip here about electrical tools in general is to always plug them in to make sure they work. Even though a tool may sell broken on eBay for more than you actually paid for it, it's still a bit discouraging to discover too late that you have to sell an item as 'needs repair'!

So, the lesson here is that whenever you see a tool that appears to be intended for a specialized job, and is made in the U.S.A., and looks like it was designed for heavy duty use, and which you can pick up for a few dollars, I say buy it!

This Kett KS 23AM Plunge Master panel saw sold on eBay for $89.

Photo of Kett HS-23AM Plunge Master panel saw