Kelty Kids 'Trek' child carrier backpack, $5.

Kelty Kids makes all different kinds of (naturally) child-related hiking and camping stuff. Do yourself a favor and take some time to check out this company's other products. Opportunity will do you no good whatsoever if you can't recognize it when you see it!

Back in 1952, a guy out in Colorado named Dick Kelty started making backpacks literally out of his garage for his friends in the Sierra Club. Business was great and today, Kelty is a much larger company, still in Colorado. And although they’ve branched out into other areas, they still adhere to the same high standards of quality as always.

Kelty is the quintessential example of a small company, in the U.S., making high quality 'niche' merchandise that people still need and use. Kelty has a line of merchandise called Kelty Kids, aimed right at their customers who want to involve their young ones in their zest for the 'outdoorsy' lifestyle. The Kelty Kids line consists of stuff like strollers, jogging strollers, diaper packs and backpack child carriers. It’s all very well made stuff and is also expensive. Think about it for a moment – would you want take your most precious cargo out hiking the rugged terrain in anything but the best stuff you could get? Thankfully, many folks would not.

Now, here’s something you must know about child-related merchandise, and those of you who have kids may already be familiar with this fact. Some of the children’s merchandise you’ll run across out there is very expensive when new, and still brings good money on eBay. That’s right – some of the shoes, toys, clothing, learning aids and other accessories you’ll inevitably encounter out there at yard sales are 'sleepers' that people will walk right by at yard sales, yet will have bidders clawing over each other to bid on when listed on eBay. I think there’s a two-part formula to explain why this happens.

First, consider the fact that when it comes to buying stuff for their kids (especially the first child,) some folks will buy the best, no matter the cost, even if they can’t really afford it. And as we all know, the best isn’t usually cheap! And keeping in mind the fact that few market needs go unmet, there are companies out there making just about everything you can think of in high-end products for kids.

The second part of this formula is the fact that any product related to kids, no matter how expensive or well made, will eventually be completely useless to the owner. The parents may keep having kids, which will obviously lengthen the period of utility for a particular item, but when the kids stop coming, and it’s time to unload the goods, we'll find them at yard sales all over the place. Your job is to find these hidden jewels, so that you can present them to your appreciative eBay bidders who will pay you well for them!

Important: whenever you’re dealing with toys or other items child-related merchandise, it’s wise to do a quick check to see if there have been any recalls involving that item. I did a quick search on Google for 'Kelty Kids Trek Recalls' and found that this seat model had indeed been involved in a recall, but this one had either already been upgraded, or was not one of the recalled units. It only takes a minute to check, and it never costs you, because the company will fix these recalled items for free, send you a free replacement part for the item, or they may even simply replace the whole item for you!

This Kelty Kids Trek sold on eBay for $105.

Photo of Kelty Kids Trek